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Horeca Exchange Int. (H.E.I.) represents the first platform in Romania that connects the operators within the HORECA segment, with the professional suppliers of the industry. H.E.I. brings together a unique collection of furniture, equipment, equipment, supplies and decorations closer to the HoReCa operator. H.E.I.'s main objective is to offer the following types of businesses: restaurant, hotel, bar, cafe, boarding house, event hall, club, catering; a centralized source of HoReCa non-food purchases and to provide the easiest meeting point with specialized HoReCa suppliers or manufacturers.

The services of the HEI Platform offer the support to offer its clients, the largest offer for the furnishing and equipping of a location, accessible in one place.

Our Services:

  • The largest variety of furniture and equipment for hotels & restaurants from our registered suppliers 
  • Request a personalized offer for the equipments or supplies you need tailor for your location 
  • PR & Marketing for your company
  • Best Offers Logistics & Stock Suppliers Horeca
  • Rentals Logistics Events 
  • Consulting and Management
  • Each pre-order basket is carefully analyzed by our team, each customer being contacted then in the shortest time
  • Total Liquidation Events (Exclusive Sales Events)

Diverse Clientele on HEI :

  • Hotels, Motels, Inns, Resorts (nationally & abroad)
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Catering Companies
  • Bars, Clubs, Restaurants
  • College dorms
  • Summer Camps 
  • Horeca logistics rental suppliers

Why HEI?

  • Horeca Exchange Int'l is exclusively dedicated to the Hotel Restaurats and Catering industry, targeting buyers looking for volume acquisition.
  • You can find the most varied product range, delivered directly from the suppliers, along with the related specifications and offers
  • Compare prices and choose the best offer for you
  • Send a personalized request and you will receive the offers directly from the suppliers enrolled in our platform
  • We do national delivery. Buy or sell to hotels and guesthouses in other cities.
  • Our target audience is set to the B2B sector, thus facilitating the identification of a buyer for the available volume, thus avoiding individual sales.
  • The platform favors the centralization of the advantageous offers of acquisitions in the field.
  • The only platform in Romania where the most important players of the HoReCa equipment  can be found in the Horeca equipment and equipment transactions process.
  • Benefits from free consultancy for each product



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