A: The Horeca Exchange Int'l platform is the only marketplace in Romania dedicated to the HoReCa industry. Through this platform, centralized purchases can be made for any equipment, equipment or furniture needed for a HoReCa type location. HEY. daily concentrates thousands of products and equipment directly from local and international producers or importers.

A. The products presented on the H.E.I. platform represent professional facilities for any location that operates in the HoReCa industry: Hotel, Restaurant, Pension, Bar, Motel, Event Location, Club, Cafe, Catering.

1) Initiate an account of the company you represent
2) Search for the products and equipment you need for your location
3) Place the products in the basket and send it with the pre-order
4) Your shopping cart will reach us immediately , and before making the payment, one of our colleagues will contact you to verify and complete the order with you
1) Open the RFQ form
2) Fill in the fields with all the details of the products you are looking for
3) Your request will reach us directly, and we will come back to you soon with the best offer directly from our suppliers
4) Together we define the details of the products proposal and offer you the consultancy you need to equip or optimally furnish your space              


1) There are products in the rental section for the temporary rental service
2) Whether you need furniture, equipment or supplies for events, conferences, parties or private occasions, the products presented in the rental area are available for such moments

A: Place all the products you are interested in, in your shopping cart , whether they represent equipment, furniture, accessories, lighting, other supplies etc. Before placing the pre-order, fill in the "details" field with the city of delivery and any other additional information you consider would be important to place this order correctly. Once the pre-order is placed, one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible to determine all the details of the order and to issue the proforma invoice. As soon as the payment is registered, the order enters the delivery under the conditions established.

lA. Your purchases can be paid by bank transfer and soon online with the card.

A. If you are a service provider of: consultancy, management, operations, financial, architecture and design, construction, DDD, or any other services dedicated to the Horeca industry, you can present your services on a dedicated service page, only based on an account initialized in the platform . For more details you can contact us at [email protected] 

A. H.E.I. is a platform dedicated to professionals activating in this industry. The range of products present in the platform is for professional use, and the rates are listed for wholesale purchases. Horeca Exchange works directly with producers and importers. 

A. Following the pre-order placed, we will establish the most optimal transport option to the final destination of the products.

A. Please send your request to customerservice[at]horecaexchange.com. We will reply in the shortest time available.

A. All product returns are subject to the manufacturer's prior approval. No products delivered on order are returned. It is mandatory the prior assessment by the supplier, for defects arising from the factory.

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